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So what's with the freakin' London gigs, anyway? Are they gonna play anywhere else? I shouldn't complain cos at least I get to see them at T In The Park, but still...


hey im new.. i first discovered primal scream with the release of vanishing point.. a lil late yet.. but i am only 20.. cant wait to hear the new album when it comes out -=D
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because i'm a boring typical primal scream fan i have a story to tell about my discovery of the band. but do you? i'm thinking about having a new section of the insect-royalty dedicated to mad stories of discovery. finding primal scream is the most important discovery you will ever make incidentally..

so, anyone willing to start?

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only recently found primal scream, this is a crime i know as i`m living in manchester UK, but there you go, shit happens. now i`ve found them i won`t be losing them :-)
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# 1 none of primal scream!
# 2 robert throb young
# 3 bobby gillespie
# 4 andrew innes
# 5 darren mooney
# 6 martin duffy
# 7 duncan mackay
# 8 jim hunt
# 9 gary mani mounfield
# 10 kevin shields


And this:

- favourite 5 songs:
Kowalski, Imperial, Slip Inside This House, Higher Than The Sun, Loaded

- favourite album/s:
Echo Dek, XTRMNTR, Vanishing Point

- favourite member (more than one if you like)
Bobby and/or Kevin :-D
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