rise like the phoenix!!!


let's get this shit going again, shall we? Hello I'm Neko coming to you from Seattle, WA USA, the country of evil. Asking you to post your favorite songs about the PHOENIX. I've started as you can see above.

If nobody posts in 3 days I'll be forced to add another song. Do we really want that? ; )

Young Vulgarians News

Oh good god.

Much attention should be reserved for new updates on the young vulgarian website.

sweet jesus.

Go listen to the newly recorded website-only track 'Fascism Baby' at www.youngvulgarians.com!
This is especially relevant, as the young vulgarians are hastily preparing to embark on a full US tour starting late may, ending late august.
Young Vulgarians are a musical quintet, often compared to the Make-Up, Joy Division (as well as their many factory records contemporaries), The Faint, Blonde Redhead, or Serge Gainsbourg making out with the Jesus & Mary Chain...

They sound like none of these bands..
Go listen, all the while anticipating "Milquetoast on a Catafalque: Music to Muffle By," which will be released by Counterpole Records later this Spring

It's what I ask, no less

Wow. Has anyone even read this journal since someone last posted... back in what, August last year?

Come on, kids. We love the Scream. Get into it.

Post your favourite song, album, video, show, whatever. Bring this back to life.
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(no subject)

It's about time I found this community...well I'm new...

...anyways, I haven't been able to find any new Primal Scream CDs here in Arizona, but I was wondering if anyone knew the release date for their next album...that is, unless it's been out already and the damn record stores here haven't got them yet...

...umm....thats it. Yeah.

new yorkers...

GBH presents Ricky Morrison and Princess Superstar.

London born Ricky Morrison is one of the most respected DJs in the business. With a string of hits under his belt and a reputation among house-heads for his excellent DJ sets, Ricky doesn't feel the need (as some others do) to engage in ruthless self promotion; instead, he lets the music speak for itself. Most recently, his brilliant disco house tune 'Salsoul Nugget' (produced under the moniker 'M & S Presents The Girl Next Door' hit the UK charts at #6 and became one of the biggest tracks in Ibiza last Summer.
He doesn't make it out to New York often, so this is an opportunity to catch one of the best England has to offer. He'll be joined in the main rm. with DJ Ori.

In the Pinky, the beautiful Princess Superstar will be spinning hip-hop and classics. New York's premiere rap mistress, the Princess' recent single "Bad Babysitter" reached #11 in the UK, and secured a performance on the famous UK T.V. show 'Top of the Pops'.

Tapioca rm., Seth and Rockman plays new wave and rock&roll.

Featuring the GBH Dancers and Miss Understood.

Visuals by Funktaxi.

GBH reduced list up to 1am.

General Admission $20

(guest list? let me know...)
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